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  • ⌚AP Released the Best Watch of 2024 This Week!

⌚AP Released the Best Watch of 2024 This Week!

AP's collab with John Mayer, Omega's biggest release in years, and more!

Welcome watch nerds

This is Watch Bites. This week, we’re high-styling with Louis Vuitton, thanking the watch gods for AP and John Mayer, and more, so check your wrist, shut the blinds, and let’s get into it!
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Here's what we got today:

  • A white-faced Moonwatch from Omega ⚪️

  • Collaborations for every occasion!

  • A vintage Universal Geneve for the modern gent 🕺

  • John Mayer reaches new horological heights 🎵

The numbers above represent market trends in secondhand watch prices. The “Price“ column represents the average secondhand price for the top 30 watches of each brand. This data is sourced from Watch Charts.

Watch News

Is The John Mayer x AP Collaboration Already 2024’s Best Watch?

Some truths are self-evident - John Mayer loves watches and watches do seem to love John Mayer. This much is obvious when you look at the musician/handsome devil’s sky-shattering collaboration with Audemars Piguet, a timepiece that is worth every syllable of praise that it’s bound to receive. Proclaimed in almost biblical fashion by AP as “the last iteration of the Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar limited edition equipped with the Manufacture’s self-winding Calibre 5134”, this is a watch that operates on another level, in every way. 

A ‘crystal sky’ dial finish, unique to each of the 200 available pieces, exhibits what feels like an infinite shimmer that seems to expand endlessly, despite its brushed 18k white gold casing. This is a timepiece that speaks for the foundations of modern watch design whilst simultaneously communicating in a new language. The coveted calibre 5134, a truly great movement made up of no less than 372 parts, is alone worth the $180,700 that you’d pay for the watch. I don’t say this lightly - if you only ever own one watch, you’d do damn well to make it this one.

Omega Breaks From Tradition With A New Moonwatch

The entire globe already knows about this… we know.

Apparently, the entire watch world has been waiting for a white-faced Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch. And seeing as Omega just announced the release of that very thing, it might be time to do a little spaceman dance. The fair-faced ticker was teased at a brand event last November on the wrist of 007 aka Daniel Craig and since then, we’ve been waiting rather impatiently for an official release. What we got is even better than expected.

The glossy dial is special not only due to its tone but also because it’s lacquered, which grants the whole timepiece a sense of classical depth that ratchets its old-school cool up a notch. The Calibre 3861 chronograph movement below the face is manual winding, with 50 hours of reserve and ticks at 21,600vph. All of this can be witnessed in real time thanks to a sapphire case back because of course you want to watch this thing work. As a permanent part of the collection, you’ll have plenty of chance to grab one but move quickly - at $8,100 they’ll go flying.

Watch Fact

The inner workings of your everyday wristwatch haven't really switched up in a good 200 years; a spring that's wound tighter than a drum, powering a little squad of gears, keeps the hands ticking along. If it ain’t broke, don’t…

3-Watch Collection

3 Watch Collection: Collaboration Edition

It seems like everywhere you turn, there’s a new collab between a watch brand you love and some celebrity/car manufacturer/cartoon character. Seeing as collaboration is all the rage right now, let’s look at 3 of the coolest joint projects to come out in recent years.

Bamford x Michelin (Sport watch) -  Little-known UK brand Bamford accomplished something very special in 2022 with their Michelin collaboration. Every millimetre of this watch reinforces what lies at the core of both brands, creating an undeniably road-worthy timepiece that’s as powerful as it is lightweight. An absolute winner for $2,700.

Grail Watch x Ludovic Ballouard Et Fils ‘Series Gaga’ (Dress watch) - It takes a real boss to let a kid design the dial of a $125,000 timepiece, which is exactly what Ludovic Ballouard did with his young son and let’s be honest - it looks fantastic. It’s unique in ways that most watches can only dream of. Putting this world-class ticker under a suit sleeve is a stealth-baller move of the highest order.

Montblanc x Collective Horology Minerva Monopusher P.05 (Everyday watch) - Collective Horology has been ahead of the curve when it comes to connecting with other brands. Of their recent releases, a definite standout is this Montblanc, with a sporting edge and perhaps the most uniquely-coloured dial of 2023. It’s not cheap, at $34,500, but by God, it’s easy to stare at.

Total Collection Cost (USD): $162,200

Watch News Bites

Quick Bites

  • Louis Vuitton came into 2024 to play ball, showing their hand with a new trio of high-end timepieces. Although these three require a specific…stylistic vision from their wearers, they undoubtedly are extremely well-made tickers under the hood.

  • If there’s one ‘smaller’ brand to watch this year, it’s Christopher Ward. With recent releases having gone from good, to better, to “Oh my god is that a Christopher Ward?!”, they’re having a major come-up. Their C65 Dune GMT may be all the proof you need.

  • Sergey Chutov might sound like the name of a finger-snipping Guy Ritchie character but in reality, this ex-judge is a watchmaker of the highest order. His Fortress II watch is, in a word, flawless. If you’re into independent timepieces, don’t miss this.

  • Nomos have extended their very hip, very colorful Club Campus lineup with two new colors, a pair that may be the boldest iterations in the range to date. ‘Endless Blue’ and ‘Nonstop Red’ sound like great album names and make for super eye-catching dial colors, no doubt.

Vintage Watches

Vintage Corner: Universal Geneve Polerouter Date 1960

Created in 1954, the Polerouter was produced by Universal Genève in partnership with the Scandinavian Airline System (SAS) by a 24-year-old watchmaking prodigy, Gerald Genta. Universal Genève developed the automatic Polerouter to be more resistant to the strong magnetic fields at the North and South poles. This black dial variant of the Polerouter was released in 1960, and features a 34mm stainless steel case which encompasses Universal Geneve’s Caliber 218 - 2 movement with 57 hours of power reserve. For right around $4,000 USD, you can truly capture a piece of horological history with this piece.

Pre-Owned Watch Deals

Watch Scout by Watch Bites

Grand Seiko SBGV243

  • Case: Stainless steel, 40mm

  • Condition: Great

  • Box & Papers: Yes, box and papers included

IWC Portuguese Yacht Club Chronograph
  • Case: Stainless steel, 43,5mm

  • Condition: Good

  • Box & Papers: Yes, box and papers included

2023 Rolex Submariner Date 126610LN

  • Case: Stainless Steel, 41mm

  • Condition: Like new

  • Box & Papers: Yes, box and papers included

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