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⌚Girard Perregaux Pulled Off This Crazy Movement!

The new Girard Perregaux movement, Ed Sheeran's watch collection and more!

Welcome watch nerds

This is Watch Bites. This week, we’re exploring Girard Perregaux’s new movement, dropping our jaws at Ed Sheeran’s collection, and more, so check your wrist, take a bite of your croissant, and let’s get into it!
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Here's what we got today:

  • Talking Watches returns with a very special episode! 🎸

  • Girard Perregaux releases a very complicated new watch 👀

  • TAG Heuer treats us to another tasty collaboration 💥

  • Richard Mille’s largest store opens in Singapore! 🇸🇬

The numbers above represent market trends in secondhand watch prices. The “Price“ column represents the average secondhand price for the top 30 watches of each brand. This data is sourced from Watch Charts.

Watch News

The Girard Perregaux Neo Constant Escapement is insane!

If you’re a movement dork like me, you’ll understand why the return of GP’s Constant Escapement is so exciting.

I woke up my whole family at 3 in the morning to tell them about it. My friends refuse to hang out anymore - it’s all I can talk about. Constant force is a mythical animal that every horologist has been chasing since the ancient Egyptians first wore Rolexes. Since then, countless watchmakers have spent decades, showered in their own tears, tinkering with novel techniques to capture constant force successfully.

In their stunningly complex new movement, Girard Perregaux employs a blade-like piece of metal (that’s several times thinner than a human hair) to send a consistent flow (hence the name “Constant Force”) of impulses to the balance wheel through a repetitive bending motion. This dance, far more elegant than any romp on ‘Dancing With The Stars’, is a near-perpetual movement that makes GP’s latest release arguably one of the most special watches ever made.

If you’re feeling nerdy, check out GP’s release page for more info!

John Mayer interviews Ed Sheeran for Talking Watches. Yes, it’s amazing.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or in North Korea, I suppose), you’ll have heard of Hodinkee, the online company that’s become more synonymous with contemporary watch culture than any other.

A regular fixture from Hodinkee is the Talking Watches video format, wherein wealthy and sexy individuals show off their dream-inducing watch collections. The most recent edition of Talking Watches sees none other than master musician/watch fiend John Mayer interviewing superstar Ed Sheeran about his obscenely cool timepieces and it did not disappoint. From his first, $100 Toy Watch (which is worth more to Sheeran than the rest of his collection combined), to his custom-made ‘Divide’ Tudor, the world’s favorite ginger bard has a wild and wonderful spread that’s as strangely like-able as the Brit himself.

If you’re into expensive stuff, he’s got you. Weird pieces? Check. Take a look yourself. Just do it in private because you will definitely become aroused.

Watch Fact

The Seiko Group owns not only Seiko watches but also Grand Seiko, Orient, and the illustrious Credor brand. That’s a massive chunk of the market!

3-Watch Collection

3 Watch Collection: All-New Rolex Edition

3 Watch Collection Mini Description: A sport, dress, and everyday watch, all from our beloved Rolex. If you’re a Swiss watch fanatic, this should make you more than a little bit giddy.

Rolex Submariner ref. 124060 (Sport watch) - As proof that the universe is still in balance, Rolex continues to make the humble black, no-date Submariner for just $9,100. This is about as classic as a diver gets, and as timeless as a watch can be.

Rolex 1908 ref. 52508 (Dress watch) - What’s better than an intense white dial? An intense black dial, of course. This lesser-known yellow-gold Rolex is as suave as any dress watch and with its 7140 movement, more accurate than most. Get it for $23,000.

Rolex Day-Date 36 ref. 128236 (Everyday watch) - There’s probably no watch that suits any occasion better than a day date. Simple yet complex. Modest yet flashy. It’s basically the Ryan Gosling of wristwear, except you can’t buy the Gos for $58,900.

Total Collection Cost (USD): $91,000

Watch News Bites

Quick Bites

  • Swiss watchmaker Richard Mille, known for making the world’s least-complicated, most affordable watches (lol) has just opened its largest store, in Singapore. Built over 3 years, the 7,500 square-foot store consists of 11 ‘lifestyle spaces’ and a sports bar. The trick is, presumably, that alcohol makes it far easier to drop $80,000+ on a watch you don’t actually need. First, you’ve got to get to Singapore, though.

  • If you’re longing for an opportunity to explore the cosmos but aren’t brave enough or Elon Musk enough to jump into a rocket, fear not - Louis Moinet’s interstellar Cosmopolis watch will put you in touch with the darkest depths of the galaxy. With fragments from 12 different meteorites on the dial, it has more space rock than any other timepiece on earth, or elsewhere, I guess. Very spacey indeed!

  • Hardly the peak of luxury, Montoir’s latest Dive Watch MWMOD-01 is still worth a mention given its simple yet charming design and reliable Sellita movement. For well under $1000, you can jump on the micro-brandwagon (see what I did there?) in a more tasteful fashion than most other people have. Let’s be real - a lot of micro-brand releases are dog ugly but that’s not the case here. Take a look and tell me I’m wrong.

  • TAG Heuer has been on a roll this year. Their new 42mm Carrera is a colourful effort between TAG Heuer, Rowing Blazers, and Bamford. They say that too many chefs spoil the broth but this is a watch…not a broth, so buy it for the unique patterning and colours, and keep it for the Heuer 02 Chronograph movement. And don’t trust chefs about watches.

Pre-Owned Watch Deals

Watch Scout by Watch Bites

Longines Legend Diver Bronze

  • Case: Bronze, 42mm

  • Condition: Very good

  • Box & Papers: Yes, box and papers included

IWC Pilot’s Chronograph AMG Carbon Dial
  • Case: Titanium, 43mm

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  • Box & Papers: Box and warranty card included

Patek Philippe Nautilus 5712G

  • Case: 18k white gold, 40mm

  • Condition: Very good

  • Box & Papers: Yes, box and papers included

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