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Here's what we got today:

  • Cartier does Art Deco like no other brand

  • Vintage watches aplenty! 🗝

  • Tudor gets on its bicycle 🚲

  • TAG’s new F1 revival collaboration is wild 🏎

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Watch News

The Kith Heuer Collaboration is Another Win for TAG!

With a move that could easily be described as having ‘big MoonSwatch energy’, TAG Heuer has teamed up with Kith to create a revival of the iconic 1986 ‘Formula 1 Series 1’. First, let’s address the obvious - yes, this collection's playful and varied colorways bear a striking resemblance to the original MoonSwatches. That’s pretty much where comparisons end, though. Unlike the Moonswatch, the new Formula 1 is actually a proper watch, with a 35mm steel case, 200m water resistance, and a screw-down crown. Sure, the movement is quartz and the bezel might look a bit more ‘Equinox’ than a modernist would like but it’s all part of the magic of the original timepiece, which has been long overdue a revival. The best model by far is the plain steel-on-steel bracelet, with an eggshell dial and Super-LumiNova indexes. 

This feels like a real collaboration in every way, as well - the custom logo alone does a hell of a lot to justify the limited run of 1350 units. Safe to say, if you’ve played it smart and waited for a fun collaboration that’s more substantial than Swatch’s recent output, this is something to look into. Note that these are more pricey on Kith’s site than at TAG Heuer, and you’ll pay the same for a rubber strap as you would for a steel bracelet. Thank me later.

Singapore Watch Club and Vacheron Constantin Go Nuclear

If we’re going to live through anyone this year, let it be through the members of the Singapore Watch Club. This small group of lucky bastards has just celebrated their 8th anniversary by achieving the near-impossible - a collaborative project with Vacheron Constantin. In a stunning turn, the relatively young club convinced the Grand Maison to render a commemorative set of watches using 15 member-owned models of the revered Chronograph 47101. The project, which is set around the restoration and retro-customization of these 15 timepieces, took place in Switzerland and saw each model, from a range that dates back to 1991, restored to its original glory and fitted with a custom commemorative bridge, hand-engraved with the SWC initials. The process involved no less than three pillars of Vacheron’s Geneva manufacture; the restoration workshop, the Metiers D’Art workshop, and the archival vault. 

Beyond being an absolute dream, how a relatively small club in little old Singapore managed to rope the oldest continuous watch manufacturer on earth into a joint project is a total mystery. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if one or more of the SWC members was, ahem, connected. With that being said, we can all agree that this kind of thing happening more often would make the watch world a better place. Hats off to the SWC!

Watch Fact

Before he was an Omega man, James Bond wore Rolex. Yet, in each of 007 films in which Agent Bond donned a Rolex, the Swiss company never gave the production a watch to use. Every model had to be ‘rented’ or bought from Rolex, with no exceptions.

3-Watch Collection

3 Watch Collection: Vintage Edition

Whether you’re an old soul or just someone with a penchant for the stylings of yesteryear, here’s a complete collection of 3 vintage watches to cover every base, nostalgia included.

Rolex Sea Dweller 1665 (Sport watch) -  There may be no reasonably-priced vintage Rolex that’s cooler than the 1665. This Sea dweller model, made in the 1970s, is every bit as practical as it is beautiful. Sure, they’re not easy to find but that makes the hunt even more enjoyable. Expect to pay about $30,000 for one in great condition.

Cartier Diabolo 1460 (Dress watch) - Large-wristed specimens, avert your gaze. This dinky Cartier is every bit as serious as a dress watch should be, with an elementary nature that makes the 32mm, yellow gold Diabolo very approachable. Get it with the hand-wound 9P2 calibre for about $10,000.

Omega Seamaster 30 (Everyday watch) - What you want out of an everyday watch is something that makes you feel great without attracting too much attention. Cue: this Omega. With a stainless steel case and applied gold details, here’s a vintage Seamaster with a lot of swagger and a low profile. And for $1,500, you can’t miss.

Total Collection Cost (USD): $45,500

Watch News Bites

Quick Bites

  • Tudor’s new Pelagos FXD Chronograph ‘Cycling Edition’ is an odd addition to the brand’s sports lineup, to be fair. Aside from being marketed to a weirdly specific demographic though, it’s a pretty cool watch.

  • Japanese independent Naoya Hida has released a slew of fantastic watches this year, none of which is more impressive than the NH TYPE 5A. If you’re after a truly great rectangular timepiece, this is probably it.

  • None of us thought we’d live to see the day when H. Moser and Cie. released a fluorescent pink timepiece but if 2024 has taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected.

  • A bit of Art Deco never hurt, especially when it’s on the dial of a Cartier. The new ‘large’ Tank has a platinum case and salmon dial with all the right details.

Vintage Watches

Vacheron Constantin Sub Seconds (1940s)

A wise man once told me “Boys wear Audemars, men wear Patek, and Gentlemen wear Vacheron”. He was savagely drunk and later asked for a kiss but his point still stands and this vintage Vach is proof. At 33mm, the 18k yellow-gold case wraps unassumingly around a clean white dial, punctuated by gold indices and sans-serif Roman numerals. Both modern and classic in its design language, the watch face is a marvel. Beneath it, Vacheron’s manual wound calibre 453 keeps things moving along as well as you’d imagine. I’ve seen this watch on both a Milanese bracelet and a black leather strap and can honestly say that it never looks bad.

Pre-Owned Watch Deals

Watch Scout by Watch Bites

Breitling Superocean Heritage II

  • Case: Stainless steel, 42mm

  • Condition: Near mint

  • Box & Papers: Yes, box and papers included

Jagaer LeCoultre Polaris ‘Green Boutique’
  • Case: Stainless steel, 42mm

  • Condition: Excellent

  • Box & Papers: Yes, box and papers included

Patek Philippe World Time 5110G-001

  • Case: White gold, 37mm

  • Condition: Very good

  • Box & Papers: Yes, box and papers included

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