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  • Chrono24’s best-selling mechanical chronograph 📈

  • A tasteful new Breitling 🌊

  • Your new favorite Longines ✅ 

  • Maen trims the fat with a new Ultra Thin ticker

The numbers above represent market trends in secondhand watch prices. The “Price“ column represents the average secondhand price for the top 30 watches of each brand. This data is sourced from Watch Charts.

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The Weirdest and Most Unique Watches of 2023

It would be too easy to write an article about the best (or worst) watches to come out last year. What’s far more exciting is the sheer amount of truly odd watches to be released in 2023, from the wacky layout and chimes of the Zeitwerk Date to the strange, novel movement of the Ulysse Nardin Freak X. Bell & Ross released the BR03-92 Red Radar (which looks like something straight out of the 1992 version of Flight Simulator) and Ressence’s Type 2 e-Crown took bespoke luxury into the realms of iRobot with a monotone, futuristic release. I’d be surprised if they sold more than 4 units. Also, did anyone ask for the Cartier Crash Skeleton? Who is the target buyer for something like that, an art-deco steampunk LA mom?

Finally, the Ludovic Ballouard Upside Down made its mark with the quirky touch of flipping its numerals upside down without sacrificing legibility at all. Now that’s some smart clowning.

Longines Master Collection GMT in Yellow and Rose Gold

2023 was a solid one for Longines, with their PRX, Spirit Zulu Time, and Legend Diver watches doing far better than any Longines watch has done in recent times.

To kick off 2024, Longines dropped two new GMTs in Yellow and Rose gold, respectively. Powered by the L844.5, an ETA-built movement, and designed around more definitely dressy style cues, these new GMTs are not entirely unfamiliar, particularly to fans of the brand. The interesting thing here is that these watches feel more minimal, more sparing, than most Longines releases and that’s what’s going to send them flying off their digital and physical shelves this year. Price-wise, they’re way up in the nosebleeds of Longines timepieces, with a tag of $14,750. This isn’t hard to swallow when you consider the materials used and the features of the watch and if you ask me, the impending success of these two models will predict the company's run through 2024, which could be Longines’ best year so far.

Watch Fact

While it is most certainly complex to make, a Tourbillon is an addition to the escapement of the watch. As this is an essential piece of a mechanical watch, it doesn’t technically count as a complication!

3-Watch Collection

3 Watch Collection: 2023 Releases Edition

In celebration of the new year and to properly see off 2023, it feels right to put together the ultimate three-watch collection of last year’s greatest hits. If only before you sell these to buy new watches this year…

TAG Heuer Skipper Carrera Chronograph (Sport watch) - With oceanic vibes running through every millimeter of its build, the Skipper Carrera is a breath of fresh air for fans of playfully serious timepieces. Splashes of color and the TH20-06 movement add endless dimensions to this $6,750 watch.

Rolex Perpetual 1908 (Dress watch) - It’s a rare thing for Rolex to release an entirely new range of watches but thankfully, they did in 2023. The 1908 is classic yet new and balances these two worlds effortlessly. $22,000 for what is perhaps the most unique new Rolex on the market? That’s a steal.

Baltic Hermétique Tourer (Everyday watch) - Refreshingly simple and yet somehow full of modern charm, this micro brand’s end-of-year release is an absolute winner. The Hermétique’s Miyota movement and 37mm case size make it reliable, light, and affordable at $675.

Total Collection Cost (USD): $29,425

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Omega DeVille Co-Axial

  • Case: Steel, 39.5mm

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  • Case: Steel, 42mm

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